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The ecological track of our puppies

Gennaio 15, 2018

Many families have the luck to have at home a dog or a cat, sometimes even more than one! But the increasing number of pets makes increase also their ecological track. This is a measure that allows us to calculate the consumed resources and the absorbtion of garbages produced by our puppies, taking into account their food consumption, but also the employed resources for toys, clothes or vet cures. Lately, the noticed data arouse concern, clearly not because of our animal friends, but for their owners’ choices, often not really ecological.

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For example, recent studies have calculated the environmental impact in the United States of pets nutrition, which is bigger than what they have together Cuba and Haiti populations.
In some states measures have been taken also to avoid consequent stray phenomenons, so that they ask citizens to limit themselves to one pet for family (for example in China with the one pet policy).

Avoid wastefulness

In Italy we talk about nearly 7 millions dogs and 7,5 millions cats (according to 2017 Assalco census), numbers that should make us think and should bring us to ecological choices, simple but surely useful.
In our own small way we can contribute to limit the ecological track of our little friends, checking for example the quantity and quality of food that we daily give to our dogs and cats. Let’s consult the vet to understand the right doses and not to exceed.
We can act not only choosing biological food, but also avoiding buying too many toys or plastic accessories or in not biodegradable materials. Why don’t you choose accessories or toys made in natural materials or with what we have in the house?

Use natural products

Another point of view not to underestimate is the excessive use of cleansers. In fact, our pets, inevitably, bring in our home strong smells and the bacteria fear and the will to perfume home could bring us to use too many antibacterial products with aggressive contents and agents derived from oil. These are potentially dangerous substances for our pets, that often lick on the ground to pick up some crumb, inhaling and ingesting the ingredients of these detergents.

Better then to use only natural products, make some good to the environment, but also to our feline friends. For example, a great ally to home cleanliness and hygiene is vinegar, but also bicarbonate. With these two ingredients, added to hot water, we can create natural cleansers, capable of hygienise our home’s surfaces and remove bad smells without damage the environment.

Choose ecological litters

When we have at home cats or little rodents (rabbits or hamsters, for example), we use so much litters. Why don’t you choose an ecological one?
Lindocat created Lovable Nature, 100% biodegradable litters for our feline friends.
For little animals (cats, birds, rodents) choose instead Lindocat Universal Litter, composed 100% of conifer wood fibers and without chemical additives.

Following these advices and making responsible and cultural choices, we can contribute to protect environment.



Ecological litters

Lindocat Lovable Nature is a high quality vegetable litter, composed of corn that, thanks to an exclusive biotechnology, boasts an excellent agglomerating power and an extraordinary ability to absorb liquids and smells. Lindocat Lovable Nature is a vegetable product, 100% biodegradable, obtained in the complete environment respect. The best quality in the transport comfort and disposal.

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