Let’s teach our cat how to use the litter

octobre 23, 2017

The majority of domestic cats learn how to use the litter thanks to mother cat. Sometimes it can be necessary to teach (or to remind) our cat how to do it, especially if we bring in our home a stray or wild cat. Cats have the instinct to bury their feces so, with some tricks, it would not have to be a difficult task.

Here is a series of practical suggestions:

1. First of all the litter’s position is important, it has to be easily reachable from every point in the house.
2. Because cats have the instinct to leave their physical needs far from the spot in which they are used to eat, do not put the litter next to water and food bowls.
3. In those moments, cats need their privacy, too! So put the litter far from noisy or crowded rooms.
4. Choose the right litter, the one that suits better to your needs, but also to your cat’s needs.


How to choose the better one?
Cats prefer agglomerating sand, because for them it is easier to move.

We suggest you the litter Lindocat Odour Stop, its formula without perfume makes it particularly suitable for cats with sensitive sense of smell. Because it is a hygienic agglomerating litter with bentonite, it has a great absorbing power and it makes the ball! Lindocat Odour Stop, thanks to the “Cover Odour” technology, is suitable for houses where many cats live.

If your cat showed sensitivity to a particular product, we suggest you the litter Lindocat Crystal, hygienic litter composed of refined silica gel crystals, a hypoallergenic material and harmless for cats. Crystals rapidly trap and hold urine, blocking the proliferation of bacteria and bad smells. Moreover, if your cat has the bad habit to raise dust and throw sand out of the litter, Lindocat Crystal is the litter for him, because it does not create dust and it does not stick to the paws.

Another useful advice concerns how much sand to use:
Sand has to be well dosed, it must not be little, otherwise the cat might think that it is insufficient to bury his physical needs and he might decide not to use it. The advice is to use from 5 to 10 cm of sand, to allow the cat to dig. Then start with less sand and see how he reacts, possibly increase the quantity.


Remember to clean the litter often and well, the dirty litter is one of the causes for which cats decide to do their physical needs elsewhere! It is better to clean it once or twice a day.


If you have a kitten, it is better to choose a litter with low borders, but not too narrow or short. If your cat did not learn from the mother how to use the litter, when you notice that he is going to do his physical needs, put him in the litter yourself. If he left you some “keepsakes” around, move them with a small shovel or a tissue in the litter and then show your cat how to cover with sand. Clean very well the spot in which the cat dirtied.

Many cats feel the need to go to the toilet after they played so, to facilitate the learning, you could play with your cat next to the litter. Bring some toys in the room in which you put the litter and play with him, make him use it and, after some time, it will be natural for him to use it.


Hygiene advices:

Lindocat boasts a wide range of litters on the top of performances!
Lindocat litters are 100% natural, composed of minerals with natural absorbing capabilities.
With Lindocat you have the guarantee of an Italian brand!
You can choose agglomerating, absorbing, in silica gel, ecological!

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