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Cat’s cold: how to recognize it and cure it

octobre 6, 2017

Autumn, as we all know, is cold time. The jump in temperature typical of this season, as a matter of fact, can negatively affect our immune defenses, making us more vulnerable to infections.


Our cat, too, can be affected by cold! His flu, however, is caused by other viruses than the Rhinovirus of humans (the one that forces us cyclically in bed!). For our cats, instead, cold is referable to the feline strain of Herpesvirus and Calicivirus. The jump in temperature and the stress of the sudden change of lifestyle that the wet season brings to our cats can lower their immune defenses, facilitating the appearance of the cold. Just like us, the contagion happens because of the contact with their counterparts already sick, even if immune carrier, and with their secretions. After a variable incubation period, in which our cat will not have any symptoms, some manifestations will start to show.
The first symptom of cold is sneeze! It needs, indeed, to expel the excessing mucus, produced by the cat because of the illness. Little by little that the symptoms evolve and based on their seriousness, our cat will start to breathe from his mouth, because of the closed nose, and to have copious nasal losses, that, in the most serious cases, can be purulent, too.

This mucus has to be often removed with absorbent cotton or with wet wipes (as our Aloe Wet Wipes). So we can heal the breathe and the cleanliness of the cat and we can reduce the risk that, in theattempt of cleaning, our cat could hurt his nose, increasing the risk of secondary infections.


The appearance of these symptoms could lead us to call the vet immediately! This condition of irritation caused by the virus can affect very quickly the eyes, too, causing a conjunctivitis with abundant ocular secretions, that have to be regularly and gently removed.


Gatto raffreddatoWhen the secretions dry out, indeed, can cause the eyelid seal, as unfortunately we can see in many stray or abandoned cats, with the consequence of severely compromising the sight and eyes health of the cat.
The general weakness that the illness implicates, could bring our cat to sleep more and to be less active. To this prostration condition, we have to add the lack of appetite: cats, indeed, before eating, make an olfactory analysis. A smell reduction can then brings our cat to refuse food, debilitating him even more and increasing his dehydration, too.
Cat’s cold, indeed, risks to have more complications than the human one: the cat, already debilitated by the virus, becomes an easy target for bacterial infections even with serious respiratory complications!
For this reason, the vet could prescribe also an antibiotic therapy that, even if it is not efficient with viral infections, helps the cat to heal from bacterial ones, or even aerosol or steam inhalations, to help our cat to breathe better.


Do not ever give to our cat medicines produced for humans or other animals, in particular the ones for dogs, that can be toxic for felines, with very serious consequences!


It’s always important, and even more in case of disease, to take very care of our cat’s hygiene and his environment. So we have to wash often the food bowl and the water bowl: bacterias and viruses tend to multiply in wet environments, that has to be cleaned.
For this reason, it can be useful to use a cat litter with antibacterial and antimycosis elements, as our Lindocat Green Scent.


Although, we have to remember that one of the most efficient therapy is prevention. We can avoid or reduce these pains to our cat planning a suitable vaccination program with our trusted vet!


Hygienic suggestions:

For a perfect hygiene, we recommend the cat litter Lindocat Green Scent.

With a high agglomerating power, it contains essential vetiver oil, one of the most powerful to fight mycosis and bacteria! The pleasant scent of pine, joint by the antibacterial and antimycosis effects of vetiver, make Lindocat Green Scent the perfect litter for the maximum hygiene.

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