lettiera active plus

Active plus

Lindocat Active Plus is a clumping litter with added natural activated carbons for more effective odour control. Lindocat Active Plus is made of 100% top quality fine grained white bentonite. The reduced size of the granules makes for fast clumping and the formation of solid lumps, which in turn means less wasted product. The innovative activated carbon formula absorbs trace organic compounds contained in cats’ faeces and urine to provide highly effective odour control.


6L Carton Box

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Did you know that...

Activated carbon acts like a molecular sponge: its microporosity makes it an exceptional natural filter able to develop a specific surface of 2500 m² per gram. This means that 3 grams of activated carbon develop an adsorption surface as big as a football pitch!

Long-lasting: a top performance litter with minimum consumption: 6 litres last 30 days

Stop bad odours: neutralizes bad odours, keeping the surrounding area more hygienic

No dust: low-dust content formula, does not track

100% natural: made of naturally absorbent mineral clay. Free from chemical treatment

Clumping: fast, high performance clumping