Lindocat Crystal Lavender

Crystal lavander

Lindocat Crystal Lavender is a hygienic litter comprised of fine crystals of silica gel, a hypoallergenic material which is harmless to cats and is outstanding for its absorption of liquids and odors. Lindocat Crystal Lavender dries solid waste, thus facilitating its removal. The crystals quickly trap and retain urine, blocking the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors, while releasing a pleasant scent of lavender. Lindocat Crystal Lavender is light-weight to carry, does not develop dust and does not stick to cats’ paws.


5L Plastic Bag
16L Plastic Bag

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Did you know that...

Silica gel is a translucent white granular polymer, very similar in appearance to coarse kitchen salt. Its main characteristic is high porosity, which results in a greater specific surface area, that is, in the rapid absorption of liquids it comes into contact with. Silica gel can be regenerated several times without losing its specific dehydrating properties: it is sufficient to occasionally expose the litter pan to the sun, mixing the litter thoroughly a couple of times.

Stop bad odours: neutralizes bad odours, keeping the surrounding area more hygienic

No dust: low-dust content formula, does not track

Ultra-absorbent: rapid and effective absorption of fluids

Lightweight: easy to carry

Scented: pleasant Lavender fragrance