Odour stop

Lindocat Odour Stop is a bentonite clumping litter with the extraordinary odour neutralizing properties of “Cover Odor” technology, which leaves the room fresh and clean at length. Lindocat Odour Stop is the ideal litter for those with more than one cat. Its fragrance-free formula makes it particularly suitable for cats with a very sensitive sense of smell.


6L Carton Box

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Did you know that...

“Cover Odor” technology is based on a mixture of natural ingredients that effectively controls bad odours. Its patented formula does not mask odours, but eliminates them by encapsulating and absorbing volatile molecules so that the unpleasant odour is neutralized and becomes imperceptible. Completely safe for use around people and pets, it is environmentally friendly.

Long-lasting: a top performance litter with minimum consumption: 6 litres last 30 days (with 1-2 cats).

Stop bad odours: neutralizes bad odours, keeping the surrounding area more hygienic

Ultra-absorbent: rapid and effective absorption of fluids

Clumping: fast, high performance clumping