Lindocat Advanced Light+

Light +

New ultra light formula

Light + was born from Laviosa research and combines clumping strength and natural lightness in a new formula. The lightness of natural absorbent litters is combined with the clumping power of bentonite in a new formula designed to make Light + 40% lighter than normal mineral litters.


A latest generation litter box

Light + is a litter consisting of naturally white bentonite, characterized by fine granules which, in contact with the cat’s urine, form a solid “ball” that is easily removable. The composition of the new formula makes it ultra-light and super-absorbent, for a longer duration of the product over time.
Less weight = longer duration = respect for the environment.
Thanks to its low weight, the Light + is an environmentally friendly cat litter. Its longer life cycle, in fact, allows to obtain a reduction of CO2 emissions and a reduction of waste production compared to normal mineral litter.


Plastic bag 10L

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Ultra light
Easy to carry.

Long lasting
Top performance cat litter.

Easy to remove
High clumping power.

100% natural
Composed of clay mineral with natural absorption capacity. Free from chemical treatments.