Lindocat Smell Good

Smell good!

Lindocat Smell Good! is a 100% natural bentonite litter with excellent clumping, absorption and odour retention properties. Delicately scented with a selection of floral and lightly fruity essences, Lindocat Smell Good! is the ideal litter for those who love a clean and fresh fragrance.


8L Paper Bag

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Did you know that...

Bentonite (after Fort Benton, Montana, USA) is a clay rock derived from hydrothermal alteration of volcanic products. It’s known and used since ancient times, and nowadays we all have to deal daily with this versatile material: from cosmetics to wines and fruit juices, as well as in pharmaceutical products. Within the cat litter world, the bentonite is used for its capability to swell up to 10 times its own volume and to absorb liquids and odors which are restrained in clumps easy to remove leaving the remaining product intact for further use.

Clumping: fast, high performance clumping

Long-lasting: a top performance litter: 8 litres last 40 days

No dust: low-dust content formula, does not track

100% natural: made of naturally absorbent mineral clay. Free from chemical treatment