Original white

Lindocat Original White, is first class performance clumping litter.
Made of 100% fine grained premium pure white bentonite, it has excellent clumping, absorption and odour retention properties. The smaller granules mean the litter rapidly clumps and forms solid lumps, with minimal waste of product. Its fragrance-free formula makes Lindocat Original White the ideal litter for cats with a particularly sensitive sense of smell.


10L Plastic Pack

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Did you know that...

Bentonite (the name comes after Fort Benton, Montana, USA) is a clay derived from hydrothermal alteration of volcanic ashes. Bentonites can be found of various colours: white, grey, pink, brown and red. This versatile material is known since ancient times and used nowadays for many different applications including cosmetics, clarification of wines and fruit juices, and also pharmaceutical products. Coming to cat litters, this special white bentonite is used for its pleasant appearance and for its exceptional capability to absorb liquids up to three times its own weight. Liquids and odours are restrained in clumps easy to remove leaving the remaining product intact for further use. For its special characteristics in terms of visual aspect and quality of performances the white cat litter is widely recognised as one of the most precious.

Long-lasting: a top performance litter with minimum consumption

100% natural: made of naturally absorbent mineral clay. Free from chemical treatment

Clumping: fast, high performance clumping

Fragrance free: ideal for cats with a sensitive sense of smell.