Clumping + Carboni Attivi

Clumping + Active Carbon

Clumping + Active Carbon is composed of a selected mix of natural sodium bentonite with Active Carbon.


This bentonite is characterized by its ability to instantly form ultra compact agglomerates.
This guarantees a complete neutralization of odors which adds to the absence of dust.
A triple action for a superior quality cat litter.

with active carbon

For a superior
odor control


With the addition of activated carbon for total control of bad odors.
Activated carbon is a totally natural material with a highly porous structure and a high internal surface area. The molecules responsible for bad odors form physical bonds with activated carbon: it works as for magnets, the positive and negative charges attract each other. The large internal surface with its special pores allows to attract and imprison a large amount of unpleasant odors.


Plastic bag 10 L/Kg

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Instant agglomeration
The particular type of bentonite which Clumping + is made of, makes it capable of forming immediate and ultra compact clumpings.

Neutralizes odors
Eliminates bad smells making the surrounding environment more hygienic.

No dust
Formula with very low dust content.

100% natural
The bentonite used for Clumping + is a 100% natural clay, in full respect of your cat's physical well-being.