Tofu +

Tofu +

Tofu + is a cat litter made from 100% tofu, a completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly derivative of soy. It is characterized by an excellent clumping power and high capacity to retain liquids and odors. Its completely natural composition means that after use Tofu + can complete its life cycle in an ecological way. It can be disposed in the organic bin or, in small quantities, directly in the home toilet. The special tofu pellets avoid the formation of dust and do not stick to the cat’s paws.


Vegetable bedding
based on
clumping tofu


Paper bag 5L

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100% biodegradable
Vegetable cat litter made of completely biodegradable tofu pellets.

Disposable in the toilet or in the organic bin
It can be disposed of as organic waste or, in small quantities, directly in the home toilet*.

No dust
Formula with very low dust content.

No tracking
Tofu pellets that do not stick to the paws.

* In this regard, local disposal regulations must be taken into consideration. Throwing clumped parts in the toilet is not allowed in Switzerland.