A four-legged Christmas!

December 11, 2017

Dear friends, Christmas is coming, have you already bought all the presents for your relatives and friends?
Or are you more a handmade gifts kind of guys? In both cases, don’t forget to prepare a little gift for your cat, too! After all, he is part of the family, too! We’d like to give you some last minute ideas to prepare a gift for your cat

Handmade toy

By now, the web is full of blogs and websites with tutorials to prepare many objects at home. There are some really original ideas to be inspired by!
For example, you could create a toy to make him crazy: tie a twine to a stick, at the end of the twine tie some fabric, for example some strips cut from an old shirt.
You could choose different colours to decorate it!
Your cat will love it!


Other cheap, but funny toys are the ones realized with toilet paper. A simple roll with some coloured straws could thrill your cat for a long time!
Another simple toy to realize is the toilet paper pyramid!
Keep some finished toilet paper rolls, colour and glue the cylinders horizontally to form a pyramid.
Put a cat biscuit in one of the rolls. Your cat will have fun to try to take it and he will be rewarded when he finds it.


Scratching Post
You could use some wood or buy in a cheap shop an accessory with the right shape.
Then put some strong glue in the wood area where you will put the cord.
After that your cat will “unwrap” his gift, make sure to put the scratching post away from your home’s fragile areas, in order to save your sofas!
However, the scratching post has to be visible enough for the cat, if you put it in hidden areas be sure that he will ignore it. Try to put it in the centre of the room, where the cat usually stays, or near your cat’s bed or litter.


A star litter
Do you usually prefer to make useful presents? You can use this principle in this case, too, supply yourself with Lindocat litters.

Lindocat products and accessories can satisfy every cat’s needs, particularly the ones with strong personalities.

If you care for environmental issues, try our ecological litters Lovable Nature, vegetable and biodegradable, obtained in the complete respect of nature.
Or try one of our litters composed of bentonite, 100% natural and without chemical treatments.
For example, Baby Powder that, thanks to the reduced dimension of its grains, allows a very rapid agglomeration and a reduced waste of mineral product.

If you are uncertain about which litter choose, read this article, it will help you to understand which one is suitable for you!

Credits for pictures:scratching post, toilet paper toy.

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