Cat’s litter: which one to choose?

October 30, 2017

Like us humans, even our feline friends are very demanding when we talk about their intimate hygiene!

By now, many kind of cat’s litter are in the market, new techniques and new materials have been developed, to adapt to the demanding of our little friends, to their care and to the environment in which they are living. In addition to the simple cats’ preferences, there are many factors to consider in the litter’s choice: liquid absorbing capability, various fragrances, bacteria elimination capability, environmental sustainability…

Lindocat developed many kinds of cat’s litters for every demanding: our products split theirselves in agglomerating, absorbing, in silica gel and ecological litters.
Agglomerating litters create a solid sand ball that cover cat’s faeces and it is very easy to remove without changing the whole litter.
Absorbing litters are the best ones for holding liquids and keep the litter always dry and hygienic.
Silica gel litters are composed of crystals similar to salt, capable of absorbing liquids and eliminating bacterial charge.
Ecological litters are the most natural, environmental sustainable and they can be thrown in the wc.
Let’s see our Lindocat products to help you to choose the most suitable for your cat!




Between agglomerating litters whose strong point is efficacy against bad smells, we can find Active Plus, with the addition of natural active coals, and Odour Stop, particularly suitable for houses with more than one cat, thanks to the technology “Cover Odour” it guarantee a hygienic environment for so much time and the elimination of bad smells.
Then we have Charme, an agglomerating litter with bentonite that, in addition to the capability to hold liquids and smells, has a pleasant Oriental Amber and calendula fragrance that, with its soothing effects, is perfect for cats with sensitive skin. With its very fine grains, Baby Powder allows a very rapid agglomeration, avoiding waste of product.
Natural White is a litter without perfume and white, that allows to notice changes of colour or smell in the faeces of our animals, to control in an easier way our cat’s health.
Between the agglomerating litters we have then: Green Scent, with a pleasant pine and vetiver fragrance, for a house always clean, Smell Good, for people who love cleanliness smell, thanks to its soft flowering aroma, and The Original, perfect to hold liquids and bad smells, without perfume.


For what concerns absorbing litters, we introduce you Natural Clean, composed of white sepiolite, capable of absorbing liquids and smells, an absorbing litters perfect for long fur cats, thanks to Argan oil, that makes the fur softer and silkier.
Between the absorbing litters, we have two litters composed of urasite, a special clay that absorb liquids and smells, that has the power to capture and neutralize bacteria and it is chemical agents free. Essential and Saniplus, with the addition of bitter orange essential oil, for an antiseptic and hygienic action.


Silica gel is a hypoallergenic material with great absorbing power. Litters compound of silica rapidly dry out solid faeces and hold urine to avoid the development of bacteria and bad smells. In this selection we have Crystal and it’s variations, with a pleasant fragrance, Crystal Aloe Vera, Crystal Lemon and Crystal Lavander.


Between vegetable litters we find Lovable nature, only made of corn cob, with a great agglomerating and absorbing power, a 100% biodegradable product and absolutely natural.

Some advices for your cats:

Cats are very methodical, so when you find the litter that they like, try not to change it. Moreover, be careful about the perfume, because, even if you prefer a pleasant lavander or lemon fragrance, your cat might not agree and maybe he would prefer something more neutral.
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