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Are cats afraid of water?

February 26, 2018

It’s a cliche thinking that cats hate water, actually the issue is very complex because, even if our feline friends love to take a swim, there are some exceptions! One of the reason why our cat doesn’t love to plunge into water could be linked to the genetic inheritance handed down from his feline ancestors.

The cat in nature is an animal that prefers a dry climate and he tends to drink little, also because he manages to obtain the water he needs from his prey, while our lucky domestic cats have always a water bowl available.

If you notice that your cat doesn’t drink from his bowl, try to move it far from the litter and from the food bowl, maybe he doesn’t like the position in which it is placed! Or try to substitute the bowl with one not too deep, so that the cat find it more natural.


cat shower

The ideal water for a cat, in nature, is not still and stagnant, but it flows and it is fresh and clean, for this reason many cats love to drink from the taps!

Cats, indeed, are attracted from flowing water and from drops’noise, it is not rare to see cats that “playing” with tap water end like having a good shower! However, the situation turns itself around if we want to make a bath to our cat. Cats are creature of habit and they don’t like surprises, so if the owner decides when they have to take a bath, they can be annoyed and try to run away.

One of the reason why cats don’t love to be washed could depend on smells of their coat. Cats are used to wash their coat by their selves, releasing with their mouth particular smells that also need to mark their territory or communicate with other cats. They do it with a lot of care and dedication, for this reason a bath that takes away these smells could not be appreciated!

Being cats for nature very clean animals, it is better not to force them to make the bath very often. If it is really necessary, better try to make the experience less traumatic. Don’t plunge into the tub your cat, but use a light hot water spurt and wash his coat gently. Make sure to dry him well later, the sensation of wet and coat heaviness is very unpleasant for a cat. There are some races that make an exception and in the hottest seasons don’t deny a good swim, the cat Main Coon, Bengala and Turkish Angora, for example.


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