Christmas holidays with our cats!

November 30, 2016

No cat is indifferent to the excitement and confusion for the preparations to the next
Christmas holidays… their natural need leads them to see everything as a game or hunting field!


As every year we are approaching to Christmas time, loved by the majority of us humans, but let’s see together how our cats live it.

The tree is typical about Christmas, it is in every home and pets are very interested in it.
Decorating our home and our tree can be frustrating, because cats usually see it as a beautiful game to destroy. So let’s see how to avoid this destruction. The easiest thing would be to put the tree in a place in which cats are not allowed, but there are also other solutions:

For sure, the choice of a real tree is riskier, because natural smells attract more the cat and chewing needles could be toxic for him, so it is better to choose a fake tree.
Then it would be good to secure the tree with a solid base, that would not allow the cat to knock it over and hurt himself and put it with a free space around, so that there wouldn’t be close handholds that allow the pet to jump on the tree.


Last advice, before decorating the tree, show it to the cat, trying to make him understand that it is not a game and it is forbidden to climb it and, in addition, you could use an orange spray or citronella to spread on the plant, unpleasant smells for the cat, to discourage him to approach it.

For what concerns decoration, first of all don’t ever do it in front of the cat, that will think that it is a game for him, and avoid too shiny or dangling decorations: they will be only an incentive to attract your pet to the tree.

Warning: secure all the electrical cables, because, if dangling, they can be seen as
another very interesting game by our cats, so that it could be very dangerous. We can not assure you that all this can keep your cat away from the tree, but it is a nice try that could work with some of them!


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